If I had one extra hour in the day... I would only read page turners. It's like the countdown clock from the show 24. It's so exciting and you need to know what happened but you resent the clock, you just.want.more.time.

I wish my name... was actually Gigi. I think it would be easier to be upbeat with this name. I might actually skip from place to place.

I think anything chevron is... associated with military uniforms. Particularly the "chevron game" which was played by my first husband when he was a higher ranking Marine than his "guys". They would want to complain or make a recommendation about training and he would invite them to cover their chevrons (they had less) he would cover his (he had more) and then count, 1-2-3, drop your hands covering the chevrons and he would win. I think I play a less subtle version of this being a mom. 

My last nightmare... wow, I haven't had one in a long time. This is huge because I had the same nightmare for about three years was around being separated from my child and not being able to get to him. 

Sometimes... I struggle with bouts of depression.

My last meal on earth would be... the Cobb Salad from Sundara Inn & Spa

I would much rather... get foot fungus than make small talk

Mayonnaise... is only good for making tuna fish sandwiches. Wait, it's also good for smothering lice in a child's hair. 

10 years ago, I didn't think...I would really turn 40. And have gray hairs. And still not know what I "want to be when I grow up."

Selfishly... I screen all of my calls because I don't really like talking on the telephone. 

My favorite show on TV right now... is Suits. A show about lawyers who never go to court, who quote great movies/television shows and dress very fashionably, yup.

And, George Zimmerman...will be held accountable by God for what he did. 


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