I had to check myself because I almost wrecked myself.

I saw a wonderful resolutions list put together by another blogger and in one night decided I wanted to do that too. Then, I did. I made up a list of things that I wanted to do, give, get, try and travel to and then two days later, I deleted the post. Nicole over at Three 31 is fabulous in her quest to accomplish her resolutions (she's on her second year) and I'm going to try and help her knock at least one thing off her list. I had to 'snap snap' myself back into reality with a look of disbelief, rolled eyes and overly dramatic turned up lips. Just because she is doing so many great things and putting it out there for all to see doesn't mean that I can or should try to do the same, especially in the same way. 

I do, however, want to set my sights on somethings and blog about them, so with that in mind, I AM going to be giving myself one bigger challenge each month. A challenge to do something that I wouldn't normally make time to do or to try something that I may enjoy or am intrigued by or that just needs to be done while experiencing an adventure. 

So, here we go. This month's goal is to landscape the yard

Today, it looks like this:
But, I'm hoping for a final product that resembles these gardens. I have a huge crush on Pinterest, by the way. 

My first step is finding out what I can do based upon the weather and where the sun rises and sets on our tiny plot and of course stay within my budget. I will be calling to set up an appointment to meet with a professional and finding out how to fill the beds and for recommendations about growing green grass without pesticides. 

It is my hope that our tiny, tiny yard can be turned into an oasis for friends to come and relax during the spring and summer months. I want it to be a place that I can take a couple of steps into and spend time quality with God while being outside; a place to sit and watch the birds and bunnies and to lounge and listen to the things I need to acknowledge deep within my heart.

With plenty of work ahead, I am eager to get started on my first monthly challenge. Stay tuned for updates, lesson learned and for photos of the progress.


mary collins
05/06/2013 10:46

I can hardly wait to see the results, maybe it will give me some ideas about how to spruce up my patio.

Gigi at Free
05/10/2013 21:26

Me too! Can you say "rose bushes"?


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