Which one is it?

I mean, really I will not buy a book that has an obnoxious, profane, inappropriate cover. I also tend to let things pass while everyone is telling me that I must read it. If it is a recommended book and I really enjoy it, I am so grateful to have had someone share about its 'inner goodness' with me, despite the cover.

99% of the time that I am purchasing a book these days, I am buying for a specific person, purpose or price. Cover will not be in the top three considerations unless I am leisurely shopping for books (What?!? People have time for this? I wish) and since I have so many unread books, the cover is not a priority for me.

I will admit that I used to shop this way. Ain't no shame in that game, but if this is the only way I chose books I would have missed out on some greats like Eat, Pray, Love, Anna Karenina and The Bible. 

Don't limit yourself to the cover - back or front - read some reviews, ask for input or just take a risk and read.

I do not have a favorite book based upon its cover. What has always stuck with me is the book's content. The cover has fallen to becoming a descriptor or an afterthought rather than a determinant of my enjoyment or appreciation of the book.


05/11/2013 19:21

I love that you are on the ball for this link-up, please add your URL to my post tomorrow. Woo Hoo!


"Eat, Pray, Love" is a GREAT book, loved it and the movie. One of these days, I'm going to take a trip just like Elizabeth Gilbert!!!!

05/12/2013 14:01

Me too Nicole, it is good to get "caught up". I will be taking a trip later this summer but it will not be as fancy as hers, but it will be great for the soul. Let me know when you read it!

05/12/2013 14:19

Sometimes book covers are misleading and I will admit that I often skip many chick lit style novels because of this. I don't live in a big city, have a Tiffany & Co. down the road, and we have more dive bars here than "clubs" so it's just a different route. However, I still enjoy many of those type of books. One book that I have been enjoying but didn't love the cover was The Book Thief. Maybe I'm not far enough along to understand why the cover or font was chosen but I don't like either. The book on the other hand, is great. Thanks for sharing!

05/12/2013 15:42

I really enjoyed the Book Thief. I only picked it up because of the book club that I was in at the time. I remember thinking, "are y'all sure about this?".

What a great time to live in a place where you can dive into the world through books. Living in the city or near one can make it difficult to stop the busy and stay home and just read. I'm so excited to do that for the rest of the day today. Hoping you're well!

05/12/2013 15:01

I hate obnoxious covers! Makes me want to slap some duct tape over it! lol It's good that you don't read books solely based on the cover. I wish I could not care about the cover, but I guess I'm just a visual person.

05/12/2013 15:45

I hear you Sara.

At this point, I really shouldn't be buying any books because I need to read what I already have, but am a visual person too and do like the aesthetics of books and lots of other things too. Darn marketers!


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