Well, sort of.

As a classroom teacher the two words above meant something completely different than it does now as an administrator. There are two weeks "off" but I'm not really doing that great of a job of being on vaca so far. 

I'm trying to remain balanced as I recuperate from the end of the year wrap up and as we get ready for the next school year. With my shorty away at camp and the opportunity to catch up with friends and family (and let's be honest, episodes of Drop Dead Diva) I'm working diligently to make sure that I am resting.

Resting my heart, head and spirit. Being still and taking the time to reflect on what we were blessed to accomplish this past year. Parts of the year, I do not recall and I'll be honest, I'm okay with that. It just went so quickly. (insert whiney voice here) It's so surprising to me that our first year in a founding year is...over. We made it, praise God!

Five weeks and a half weeks remaining of this summer vacation. While I welcome the slowed schedule there is much to accomplish - at work and on the fun front; I mean hello blog world, reading for fun, enjoying the garden we just planted... 

Still the desire for balance, even while on vacation. 

I just caught myself and realize that some reading might consider this post a complaint about the lack of free time that I have as an educator. Please don't camp there, no complaints here, not about the length of my summer vacation but only slight concern that I will not seize the opportunity to rest. 

06/29/2013 08:38

I hope you are able to accomplish your summer goals and get some rest!!!


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