I've been reading a LOT of other blogs and posts and researching "successful" blogs and realized that I was feeling not a lot of blog love. Are people burnt out on this topic? Do I need to start having give-a-ways? Does my writing make sense? It could very well be all or some of these, but what keeps coming up in me is that I haven't been very personal. The blog has started to turn into sort of a book report - a good one - but not really a blog about me and my blackness. I haven't been on many adventures to intentionally define my blackness as I am experiencing it in a suburb of Milwaukee, but I still want to.

Being a wife in a fairly young second marriage, a mother to one and stepmother to three, a career woman and still wrastling to embrace 40, there are things that keep me from sitting down each day to write. In addition to that, I just think I need to have stuff to say that you all would want to hear. I've had a lot of positive conversations about the blog and the topic but not a lot of online 'chatter' - is that what people are calling it - around the blog itself.

Plainly put. I want this blog to be liked. I want you to like me and this topic and I want you to be engaged and moved to change your corner of the world because of something that you've read. I've hit some turbulence though. I know, I know. We're not high off of the ground and it's still early on in this journey, but we're still moving. Onward.


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