So, I took a brief hiatus for a few reasons.

The first biggie was that I turned 40 and allowed myself to be swept up into the many wonderful activities and festivities that my husband and friends planned for me. Another time, I'll write a post about the phrase, "Black Don't Crack."

Another reason for the break was due to a surprise guest. That guest moved in on me and attacked my celebrations and doubled me over in pain and that guest is called 'food poisoning'. As a part of the fun, my mom took us out to eat and we had seafood - our fave. Well, something didn't sit right and let's just say, today's the first day after four days that I've been able to even have or have had an appetite for some of my regulars (coffee, grease and cheese - not all together, but yummers...). 

The biggest reason though for the break comes from being incredibly overwhelmed. I have even walked away from a few responsibilities and still am feeling like...WHEW. I didn't trust my myself and didn't want to taint my voice on this blog and didn't want to sully it by letting that load of stress dictate what we're trying to do here, so I just stayed silent and prayed through the fog. I am still fleshing out a few things: how to make this manageable, how to steer this so it has theme, purpose and relevance and most importantly, how to keep up. I want a readership (my new favorite word) and I want to make an impression but I don't want to be stressed out by this, I want for it to be for our enjoyment. 

So, my ideal of having fun with this is different than a lot of people, well most people, but having a plan and a schedule is a part of it. I think I have a plan of attack, but be patient with me if you don't see anything for a day or two. If you want to post something on the Facebook page though, let me know and I"ll link it for you. I just want to know you're still out there and eager to read more.

Here's to catching my breath.


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