One of my favorite things to do is to put my feet up, grab a glass of red wine and read my favorite blogs that I follow on bloglovin'. It'd be great if I could remember how I found them, but I seem to find exactly what I need to be looking for. Tonight was no different when I found this post

I'm going through some thangs in my personal life, the life many, many feet behind the blog posts you read and began to second guess my writing or at least writing about this topic of blackness. Tempted to vomit all over this outlet, I had to take a couple of days to remember that this is an opportunity to share from the heart but within certain bounds, that this is not intended to be or provide therapy.

So, tonight I share with you that my heart is happy to have a place to write. A place to tell you that no matter what the color of my skin, my heart still feels and and life still happens.


Mary Collins
03/03/2013 08:53

I am very glad you're writing, blogging, journaling, talking or whatever helps you to relieve the stress of life, because you're right life still happens. I love you. Keep looking up girllllllllllll.


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