Still cracking up...

So, I let the kids out of the car to run into the building for midweek. They run ahead to greet their friends and I stay behind to pull a hair out of my eye. I finally get it and hop out of the car and see a favorite person throwing her purse over her shoulder. She halts and yells out, "Lemme stop since I see another brown person."

Before I continue, let me just tell you that this woman can get away with saying things like this. She means no harm and delivers it with a smile. In fact, I realize that the way she said it made me glad that I was the brown person that she was talking to. I strolled quickly (it's still March in Wisconsin) toward her and we rushed inside together instantly connecting around upcoming events and the details that come with it.

Oddly endearing, being brown makes more sense. I mean, my skin really isn't actually black. No more than "white people" are actually white.

Another name for the same club I suppose, but I really did tilt my head to the side. It made me start asking all kinds of "what if" questions. Wondering what would be different about black history if it were in fact brown history. Curious as to whether it would have developed a more positive history - less discrimination and separation - if we were a brown people rather than a black one. I know that's ridiculous, I mean South Americans don't have a easy, breezy history.

Also, just an observation but "brown" isn't really an IT color. Not in fashion, not in decor and not in impact. (Black is so DRAMATIC!) So while I appreciated my temporary membership in this club and the person who initiated me into it. I really enjoy being around this woman, but when my feet touched the ground again, I knew that the club would only exist as I mentioned it between her and some other brown girls and this blog post.

Though technically brown, I'm still black as I wanna be.

Mary Collins
03/23/2013 18:06

Hey Gina, I am loving reading your blog, it's like a favorite tv show only without commercials. I can relate somewhat to the brown person comment, it seems to be the melting edge from blackness for the "peach" people as your brother described in his innocence in the fourth grade. His teacher was introducing the kids to the difference in them and their cultural differences when she made the comment that he was black in reference to his skin, he politely told her that he was not black that he was brown. Her response to him was "if you're brown, then what color am I?", his response was simply you're peach. Keep writing it helps more than just you my lovely, it also eases some of my tenderness too. Because of you and the approach you are taking in the search for the God given beauty inside, I am also making some noticeable changes too, in the new relationships I encounter with people who are different than me. Thank you Lord for this child gift of a girl. When I was growing up I asked God for a husband who would take care of me, two children a boy and a girl; He did answer my prayers with all I asked, slightly out of the order of the boy being born first. He does as He deems fit for our circumstances because He sees our future before it actually happens. I'm still learning how to embrace heart matters when it comes to loved ones and family. Keep writing and praying. MAC

03/23/2013 19:51

Awwww. You're going to make me cry, not write. Love you mom...


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