I already know that I'm going to participate in the next blogger book swap due to this very positive experience with Mia from Chronicles of Chaos

In an effort to keep it real with people, I was sure I'd over shared with her about my current personal challenges and was even more sure that she'd written the hosts of the swap and told them that they should nix me from this and all future opportunities like this one.

There was a bit of silence and then this lovely package arrived...

It was clear that she'd considered me. To be clear, we've never met; only emailed, read one another's blogs and then packed up encouraging gifts to encourage the reader, blogger and woman within. A handwritten card, a small pack of Burt's Bees goodies, lip gloss that I just adore (EOS, anyone?) and nail polish that will be flattering with my skin tone. Most encouraging though is that she read my blog and could tell that I'm kind of all over the place on this journey to find comfort with myself and then confidence in sharing who I really am with the tiny corner of the world that I come into contact with. The book on the left is the "Immortal Life of Henrietta Locks" (homage to the "blackness" part of my blogging journey) and "The Happiness Project" (respect to the current challenges in my personal life and the fun of trying something new). I am saving both for my first of two weeks of summer vacation in late June. I can already picture it now, sitting on the back porch reading, sipping a beverage and applying and re-applying Burt's. I'm so excited.

My favorite, favorite, favorite, FAVORITE part was the handwritten note! The seemingly small things are the big ones, aren't they? Mia took the time to encourage me in this kind hearted way and I was deeply appreciative. So much so, that when I read these two books, her card will serve as my bookmark.

I hope that there will be another swap coming up really soon. I've found myself with some new reads, some girlie goodies and a blossoming blog connection. 

The forecast for summer reading, relaxation and fun looks bright.


05/30/2013 21:37

WHAT AN AWESOME SWAP PACKAGE!!!!!!! I absolutely *LOVE* both of these books, they are wonderful reads and offer great discussion if you read them with other folks. My book club read "Henrietta" last year and we had a blast discussing it and the challenges/rewards of medical research. As for "Happiness" you must check out Gretchen Rubin's website, blog, and social media pages. She'll send you a personalized book plate with your name or initials on it. Love that woman! I'm so glad I met you through this blog swap and I cherish our new friendship. =)

Regina @ Floating in the Sea of Gigi
05/31/2013 21:07

I will check out Ms. Rubin, thank you for the recommendation. I am excited for the enthusiastic response to the books I got. I already know where I plan to be while reading them. As for the new friendship, ditto. I look forward to more opportunities to get to know you in the coming months.

05/31/2013 11:46

Henrietta Lacks is SOOOOOO good!!!

Regina @ Floating in the Sea of Gigi
05/31/2013 21:08

I'll check in after reading it. Hoping you're well!

06/01/2013 15:34

Yay! I was so glad to be paired with you for the swap! It was a wonderful experience, and it's been wonderful getting to read more about you and your handsome son. Your post on Memorial Day really touched me. I hope you enjoy the books and your upcoming vacation! xo

06/02/2013 03:51

What an awesome package with a pampering theme! I love that! I read The Happiness Project as well and I find it to be uplifting when life gets rough at times!

I am happy you had such a great time in this book swap! Thanks for participating!


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