I don't like to pack so many things into one day. Every once in awhile though, there is a day like that and today was one of those days. All good things (hang time with kids from school, encouraging a co-worker, building new relationships, getting gas, going to the bank, watching my son score the only goal at his soccer game and studying the Bible with a woman who wants to become a Christian) but a lot of running and going all.day.long. So when I finally got to sit down and eat dinner it was fun and engaging and I'm glad to say that it was great end to a very busy day. 

Though it didn't begin that way...let me take you back.

I enjoy trying new things. Really, as much of an introvert as I am, I really do like having new adventures and I enjoy taking others along with me. So, when livingsocial opportunities come my way (two each morning via email) I often find things that intrigue me or items that become "must haves". Since I've done a lot of purging of stuff in the house, I've been looking for more experiences in the city of Milwaukee. 

The Dinner Detective showed up on my livingsocial links a few weeks ago and I was immediately drawn to the idea. It is in many, many cities across the states and is worth the money. A ton of laughs and mystery, also a bit of an chance to play a part. I took a girlfriend who I thought would not be shy (and she wasn't). After arriving in a frenzy - check out their requirements for their dress code; we were nervous - we got registered, chose our names (no boring names allowed), read the guidelines and got down to work. Well....we grabbed a glass of wine and then began our investigations.

Since I did not realize that I myself would be a suspect, I did not have my backstory filled in like some others had done, so when I introduced myself as Gigi and other suspects/participants asked what I did for work, I said that I "trained leaders to manage the little people in their countries". Yes. I said that. Out loud. To five different people. That speak and understand English.

Thankfully, we were whisked into the dining room from the cocktail area and seated at our tables and the "show" began. I won't give too much away except to say, pay attention, listen and have fun. Be yourself. Interact and engage with the actors and those at your table. It was a really, really great time. I studied the clues and listened to the conversations and was harassed a couple of times by the detectives.

Do you know they had half the room thinking "I had done it". And since I had developed a bit of a headache and was so into the show, I eventually began wondering if I had actually done it myself. Seriously, there were a few moments where I was like...how is this about to play out. Can you say, paranoid?

I won though. I actually figured it out. I knew who the murderer was! How? I listened to the show, fully immersing myself in the fun of it and trusted my gut (or rather my suspicions). Recently, a friend told me to focus on my intentions going into a situation rather than having a pile of expectations. I did that. And I had a wonderful time. Not here and now, but probably in some quiet times over the next few days and months, I will consider how I might regularly do this in my everyday life/innermost being and eventually live more of a free life in Christ. Free to live in my intentions to follow Him rather than so many expectations of my weak and sinful self. Yet, I digress...

Back to the Dinner Detective!!! A.k.a. - ME!!! 

Talk about being in the right place at the right time? We were seated at the same table as a woman who just opened a restaurant that makes red velvet waffles with fried chicken. Yep, go 'head, slap yo mamma! One of the actresses involved in the show, seated at our table (without our knowledge) could not feign her disinterest after a picture was passed around. Everyone at the table is eager to frequent this place - don't worry, I'll blog about it.

In a fairly small banquet-y room at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Milwaukee, positive, fun, funny, memories were made. And then the topping on the cake? When I told my son about it, he was so proud of me and insisted that my victory had come from our watching Psych episodes together.

All we could say over and over again was how much fun we'd had. 

Pinch me. I still can't believe I won - I don't win stuff. Really, I don't ever win things. But tonight I did and tomorrow morning, I am looking forward to sipping my coffee from my newest mug.

Yours truly,

THE Dinner Detective
The Hyatt Regency - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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