I reached my goal!

The yard is now landscaped. Well, as far as I plan to this season. You know how sometimes when you work on something, it leads you to want to do more. This project was the same. 

We will need to spray the weeds that are coming up between the bricks on the patio, figure out to do with the big pile of heavy clay-dirt near the garage and then eventually switch out the railroad ties that hold the beds for something that can not be infested by ants and bees. Projects for another day.

It is so exciting to have done the work and in the time frame that I set. It looks pretty good; so very fun to pull in and out of the driveway everyday and look at the new blooms that are popping up. 

Thank you for the encouragement and support.

On to June's challenge: To listen to only music by black artists in all types of genres.


Mary Collins
06/02/2013 14:36

It took me one hour and thirty four minuets to read every word, look at each picture and slowly live in the expressive descriptive you set up. Thanks for the blog, I like the yard and am looking forward to having a cup of something or glass to overlook all the beauty thats in your yard. See you soon. MAC

Regina @ Floating in the Sea of Gigi
06/02/2013 18:08

Thanks mom. Glad you're all caught up! Don't forget to read the other pages (under Gigi) - top right corner. Those are getting some more attention too. I hope you like the new look! I love you...


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