I'm realizing how very big of a project this could turn out to be.  I have people expressing their interest in readership (though I only have one follower) and those who have even given their input and advice about keeping the project from overtaking me; not to allow the journey down 'race lane' to turn me into an angry black woman. I hope that doesn't happen and will be praying that it doesn't but I must admit that I am enjoying the opportunities to see the world in a tremendously different light than I've been looking at it in.

Recognizing the theme is one part of blogging through this journey.  Another part other is having a bit of a roadmap to guide us through this.  Yes, for those of you who know me, you knew that was coming.  There.must.be.ORDER.

This is me with my journalist notebook.  It is the notebook that I decided to use to record all of the amazing ideas that seem to jump up and down in my face as I'm out and about living life, running errands and exploring Milwaukee.  It is the record of my mind as I embrace looking at my life and culture and bringing it into focus.  

For example, while walking around the Target that I most often patronize, I remembered that I needed an eyeliner that went on more smoothly than the one that I have now.  As I began walking around, I noticed that there were pictures of beautiful, black models attempting to help sell me Cover Girl, Revlon and Maybeline, but I'm no regular patron anymore.  I've got an agenda. I whipped out my iPhone (okay, it was already at hand) and I searched Safari for "Black owned cosmetics companies".  Maybe it was the spot I was standing in inside the store or my connection - I was using their free wi-fi - that it took so long to pull up cosmetics companies I had not heard of.  I got through the top 2 out of 10, grabbed a $7.49 eyeliner from one of the most well-known companies and went to check out.  I knew what this meant.  I was going to have to go to a different Target in a different part of town than I live in, in order to have a chance to expose myself to cosmetics made for black women. It was not an irritation to me, it was actually exciting.  

Will it always be as exciting?  When I'm back to work full-time next week and have limited time to explore, question and search, will it be exciting to have to drive across town or plan my day around where the culture is and then diving into it?  And ultimately, I've chosen to live where I live.  When I chose it, I did not take the time to look at things as I'm attempting to now.  So, if not exciting, then for sure different.

With all of that said, this first month of blogging will be around 'things that make me go hmmmm".  [Yep, dating myself.   Here it is for those of you who do not know the C&C Music Factory.  


Again, I am so excited about this journey and am happy that you are along for the ride.   


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