Click here to see the books that I am reading and "reviewing". I intended to read so many books about blackness and being black and the black community (you get the idea) and then decided, I needed to read what called to me, what was recommended by trusted readers or what was given to me for free. Take your time, I hope you find a book or two that you like and recommend some of your favorites.

Film Critic.

The son that is most interested in and on the road to film school has motivated this page of my blog. Rather than allowing him to think that movies like Shrek and Megamind (enjoyable no doubt) are classic films, we have a plan in place to tackle these 100 "greats" before he graduates from high school in 2017. We watch them and he helps me write the reviews that you see on this page.

City Girl.

I am a (mid-sized) city girl and really enjoy it. Unfortunately, Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the country. I live in a suburb of the city, but work in the city of Milwaukee and know that I need to learn so much more. These are my adventures, or at least will be as I get out and about more this summer. Pack your passport (or your equivalent since you won't be leaving the country, ahem - you get the point), I'll be your guide. 

This whole blog is about my take on life as a black person. It became incredibly clear to me though that the plight of a black man is significantly different than that of a black woman, so I wanted to write about that and also wanted to share my faith. Being a woman is something that I enjoy and appreciate, but also want to demystify for myself and any readers who think similarly about womanhood the way that I do. I believe that in all of this, God has a plan for my life and has chosen me to be me (black, female, middle class, etc.) and this section is about my musings and experiences  specifically connected to these characteristics.

mary collins
04/15/2013 15:57

I want to take this trip with you around the fair city of Milwaukee. It seems to be stuck in a time warp. It seems much like the song "They Only Come Out At Night" and that includes most of the people in the city. Just what is the secret and what are they so afraid of? I am anxious to know what you find in your travels.

04/16/2013 06:15

Next time you come, let's plan some adventures!


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